Electric Scissor Lift Hire

Electric scissor lifts are perfect for indoor jobs with a flat surface. Various areas of its usage are shop fit out, electrical work, etc.

All our electric scissor lifts are serviced and certified for safety by team of highly skilled technicians. The electric scissor lifts are battery powered and perfect for working indoor tasks.

Our Electric Scissor lifts are suitable for indoor/outdoor areas manufacturing & warehouse usages and slab work applications. They can be used in construction or maintenance industries.  These machines are designed in a way you have a quieter work area and low emissions. 

Our extensive range of scissor lifts offers you a platform to work on all the working height. 

electric scissors lift hire

Electric Scisssor Lift Hire

Features of Electric Scissor Lift

  • Electric Operation. On-board Diagnostics for Easy Troubleshooting
  • Zero Emissions for Indoor use
  • Low Noise Levels
  • Versatile and Easy to Operate
  • Smart & Innovative Features for better Productivity and Safety
  • Supports Platform Extension upto 0.91m
  • Offers up to 14.19 metres with a lift capacity upto 454 kg.

Electric Scissor Lift Specifications

 Product  19'e  26'e  32'e  40'e
 Platform Height  5.79 m  7.92 m  9.75 m  12.19 m
 Working Height  7.79 m  9.92 m  11.75 m  14.19 m
 Stowed Height   2.00 m  2.26 m  2.39 m  2.81 m
 Stowed Width   0.81 m  1.17 m  1.17 m  1.75 m
 Stowed Length   1.83 m  2.41 m  2.41 m  3.81 m
 Platform Size   1.63 m x 0.74 m  2.26 m x 1.15 m  2.26 m x 1.15 m  2.92 m x 1.65 m
 Lift Capacity   277 kg  454 kg  318 kg  360 kg
 Platform Extension   0.91 m  0.91 m  0.91 m  0.91 m
 Weight   1500 kg  2447 kg  2812 kg  5300 kg

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Advantages of Electric Scissor Lifts

  1. Safety: Electric Scissor Lifts are the safest platform for the workers to move vertically in various industries ranging from maintenance, construction and manufacturing.

  2. Flexibility: The scissor lift have a flexible height and lift capacity. This makes it suitable for various types of jobs where height and weight comes into consideration.

  3. Productivity: The Scissor Lifts can be moved easily from one place to another without the need to dismantle, which saves a lot of time and effort. As a result, workers will have more energy and time to complete their tasks

electric scissors lift

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diesel electric scissor lift

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Why do you need to a Electric Scissor Lift?

Electric has self propulsion feature and extendable decks that allows you to work with overhead objects too. The electric scissor lift models are 2X4 which makes it perfect for flat and indoor surfaces. Considering that it has smaller dimension than diesel scissor lift, it is easier to fit in smaller areas. 

Comparing to Diesel Scissor Lift, they are more accessible and you should be choosing this if storage space is a big concern for you. The height of the electric scissor lift is also flexible and further height can be reached by adding extension to it. 

Another reason for hiring scissor lift is that it has low noise levels and no emissions. This makes it the better option over diesel scissor lift in terms of its in-house usage.


Why Hire Electric Scissors from Rapid Platforms in Melbourne?

  1. With a long history of experience in the lift hire and training industry, we boast ourself as one of the top company in what we do.
  2. Alongside the scissor lift, we provide premium training courses on how to use these lifts safely.
  3. We provide competitive prices for our lifts. 
  4. We have various platform sizes for our electric scissor lifts ranging from 1.63m X 0.74m to 2.92m X 1.65m 
  5. Short term and Long term hire are available available.

Equipments for Hire

Electric Scissors Lift

electric scissors lift

Electric scissor lifts are perfect for indoor jobs with a flat surface. Various areas of its usage are shop fit out, electrical work, etc.

Diesel Scissors Lift

diesel electric scissor lift

Diesel scissor lifts are perfect for your outdoor type of jobs. Various areas of its usage are fascia’s, roofing, Air conditioner installs, signage etc.


Knuckle Boom

knuckle boom hire

Knuckle Boom are ideal for reaching over something tall. Various areas of its usage are Changing the lights in warehouses, Racking, Shelves, etc.

Straight Boom

straight boom hire

Straight Boom are diesel machines which are used for jobs having a g line of sight. Various areas of its usage are replacing broken glass.

Electric Scissor Lift Hire