Diesel Scissor Lift Hire

Diesel scissor lift is perfect for all outdoor jobs such as air condition installs etc. It has self levelers and ideal for outdoor jobs specially on rough uneven surfaces. 

You can also see our electric range for works indoors. Our range of diesel scissor lift in Melbourne is top of the range and can be made available when required. Please see the specs below and feel free to contact us on 1300 814 876

diesel scissor lift hire

Diesel Scissor Lift Hire


What does our Diesel Scissor Lift Hire rate include?


Charge as per our Quote: No Extra Money Included whatsoever

24/7 Service: Service for you anytime, anywhere.

Flexible Price: Our Diesel Scissor Lift comes with a flexible price compared to others at the market.

Diesel Scissor Lift

Rapid Platform’s Diesel Scissor Lift is one of the most popular lift that we give out for rentals in Melbourne. Located in Sunshine, our Diesel Scissor Lift are are used for the outdoor jobs and specially used if the surface is rough. More specifications of the Diesel Scissor Lift Hire can be found below:


We have three types of DSL ranging from 8.15 metres in platform height to 13.11 metres. It comes with a lift capacity upto 597 kg.

Diesel Scissor Lift Specifications

 Product26′ DSL32′ DSL43′ DSL
 Platform Height8.15 m 10.15 m 13.11 m
 Working Height 10.15 m 12.15 m 15.11 m
 Stowed Height  2.43 m 2.55 m 2.89 m
 Stowed Width  1.8 m 1.18 m 2.39 m
 Stowed Length  3.17 m 3.17 m 3.86 m
 Platform Size  2.5 m x 1.54 m 2.5 m x 1.54 m 3.81 m x 2.18 m
 Lift Capacity  565 kg 450 kg 567 kg
 Platform Extension  1.2 m 1.2 m 1.22 m Dual Ext Decks
 Weight  3440 kg 4060 kg 7150 kg

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    Features of Diesel Scissor Lift

    • Front Active Oscillating Axle allowing improved terrain-ability
    • Supports Platform Extension upto 1.22m
    • More Robust and Durable

    Equipments for Hire

    Electric Scissors Lift

    electric scissors lift

    Electric scissor lifts are perfect for indoor jobs with a flat surface. Various areas of its usage are shop fit out, electrical work, etc.

    Diesel Scissors Lift

    diesel electric scissor lift

    Diesel scissor lifts are perfect for your outdoor type of jobs. Various areas of its usage are fascia’s, roofing, Air conditioner installs, signage etc.


    Knuckle Boom

    knuckle boom hire

    Knuckle Boom are ideal for reaching over something tall. Various areas of its usage are Changing the lights in warehouses, Racking, Shelves, etc.

    Straight Boom

    straight boom hire

    Straight Boom are diesel machines which are used for jobs having a g line of sight. Various areas of its usage are replacing broken glass.

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